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Picking Out Appropriate Activewear According To Types Of Exercise

While overall your activewear is supposed to have key characteristics such as being comfortable, flexible and not sweat absorbent, some activities call for specific kinds of clothing. Most individuals assume that you can wear the same outfit for almost all fitness related activities. But if you look at it practically, you cannot wear the same combination for running, cycling, yoga and activities such as kickboxing. Different characteristics are required from your clothing for each of these exercises in order to provide you with comfort and endurance. Thus it is essential that you pick out the appropriate activewear according to the type of exercise you engage in as it can improve the quality of the exercise.

While you can wear almost any type of clothing if you’re cycling as a leisure activity, it is a different case when it comes to cycling for fitness. If cycling is your idea of a good exercise routine you need specialized clothing to handle the speed, weather and time duration. Lycra is the most recommended fabric for cycling as it is form fitting but not too tight and it also does not scrunch up and chafe your skin. Buy activewear made of Lycra for cycling as the fabric is able to endure the fast movement of your legs and also it is fitted properly according to how your body is tilted on the bike.

Comfort and flexibility are the two key characteristics you need to have in order to experience a quality yoga session. What better way to obtain that than to invest in comfortable, breathable fabrics which won’t weigh you down with sweat or constantly distract you. According to experts, coverage is the best way to go as shorts will not allow you to comfortably get into most of the yoga poses without worrying whether you’re exposing yourself. Yoga pants or fitted leggings and fitted long tank tops are the best combination for yoga as you can bend over and stretch in any way you want without feeling uncomfortable.

Clothes made of synthetic material such as nylon are best for strength training and gym workouts. While cotton weighs you down by absorbing sweat, these materials allow more range in movement and increased comfort and flexibility. An important part of strength training is picking out the appropriate foot wear according to your workout plan. The right training shoes need to offer you appropriate cushioning and flexibility so that you can stay on your feet for longer time durations.

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