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How To Make New Friends

Making friends seem as easy as breathing for some, but may be not so easy for some others. If you fall into the second category, then you may be wondering what the best places are for you to meet new people. While making friends is easier said than done, here are some ways in which you can meet new people, depending on your personal interests.
Bookworms and Readers
Bookworms are generally considered to be introverts and are thought to be the ones who find making new friends difficult. This is a common misconception since readers have a vast amount of knowledge on diverse topics and can easily carry on an interesting conversation with another person. This however depends on how well versed the receiving end is when it comes to those particular topics. This is where things get difficult. Bookworms can easily find friends who are as well read as them by simply joining a book club, or even simply talking to someone at a bookstore who is browsing through your favourite authors books.

Health Nuts
Health nuts are people who are extremely concerned regarding their health and well-being and are constantly making attempts at maintaining their fitness level. It is essential for health nuts to have a close group of friends who share the same passion, since it helps them to stick their daily workout routine if they have some who will take an interest in it. The best way to meet new people if you are a health nut is to start talking to the people at your local gym. You may have noticed regulars who follow a similar routine to yours. Slowly get to know them by having a chat while both of you are using the treadmill. An alternative to the gym is joining a class, such as a yoga class or an outdoor fitness class.
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‘Fangirls’ and ‘Fanboys’
If you are crazy passionate about a specific genre of music, a TV show, a book series, or a celebrity, and you want to find friends that share the same passion, then the best way to do so is through the internet. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are common meeting grounds for members of the same fandom. If you don’t like the concept of making virtual friends then you can try going for a convention, where there will be fans from whichever franchise you’re passionate about, or to a concert by your favourite band. This will help you make friends from all over the country and maybe make a few international friends as well.

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