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Benefits Of Riding Single Speed Bikes

Are you a passionate biker? Do you love speeding off on the highways and trail the challenges on the off roads? Well, there are a lot of people who love speeding off on their bikes with their pillions. Well, when it comes to bikes, there are in fact two factions. Have you ever heard of single speed bikes? Well, there are two kinds available in the market. One of the single speed ones and the other are the geared bikes. So, here are some reasons to select single speed ones.
Well, this is a known fact that single speed bikes are cheaper compared to the geared bikes. This is because, due to the absence of the geared mechanisms, the single geared bikes are cheaper than the geared ones. Hence, if you are passionate biker and can’t live without riding a single day and if you are low on budget, then it is definitely important to get a cheaper one. The single speeders are always cheaper. So, you can try it out first. Also, you can purchase it if you feel it gives you the feel of biking. In case, you are not satisfied with the single one, then gather more cash to get a geared one.
Single geared bikes are simple to use. So, there are people who love rising single speed ones as it gives the feel of driving automatic cars. So, with the automatics, you can step harder to pedal faster.
Single speed ones are often great for the beginners or amateurs. So, if you are just beginning or learning to ride a bike, then it is often recommended to try with single geared ones as these are easy to operate and ride.
As a kid, you might have learnt to ride a bike or a bicycle with wheel balancers. So, that can be called as a single speeder. Hence, if you are nostalgic and just want to go back to those good old kid days and want to feel like a child again, then go for the single speeders.
Single speed ones are lighter compared to the geared ones. Well, this however does not necessarily imply that single speed or single geared ones can pick up more speed than the geared ones as it also depends on the acceleration. Also, the speed of the wind is an important factor in picking up the speed.
Single speeders or single geared ones are usually more durable compared to the geared ones as the former do not have complex mechanisms. Hence, they are fairly easy to maintain.Fun to use
Single speeders usually have freewheels which are great fun to use. You can actually pedal and coast.

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